Louis Garrel Quotes

louis garrel quotes

Every actor has an obsession with their hair. You can see it on set, and you start to realize it's completely silly. I can be very obsessed by my hair, but all these hours spent trying to style it are useless, because ultimately, you can't change your haircut. It's all the same.

I'm not a singer, so I reproduce a little bit what I see on television and what I listen to on the radio. I don't have self-control, really, so I didn't want to sing like Mariah Carey.

I think the moment I discovered I definitely wanted to act was when I saw a play alone by myself when I was fourteen. Maybe it was a Moliere play? I discovered the atmosphere of the theater, and I knew I wanted to be an actor.

When I was 13 years old, I was dressing in a rap style. And then I changed schools, and the rap style became old-fashioned, so I changed it completely.

I like to be able to understand the feeling of the director, that a film corresponds to something in his life. Otherwise, it doesn't interest me much.

It's true I have a hard time with the notion of creating a character. And I feel it's a limit. I'm always really impressed by actors who are able to construct a character, like Johnny Depp.

To make a movie is very stressful, especially when you work with your father. You want to think the movie is good. Even when I don't work with my father, I want it to be good.

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